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Hello Barb, re: ” I just found out I have a bacterial overgrowth in my small intestine so am on antibiotics for that. Probably from the Prilosec I have been on and antibiotics…not the major ones yet.”

When Dr. Aksamit put me on the antibiotics he also told me to start probiotics .. so I started right away daily switching between 3 different one. I never did have a yeast infection. So I googled what you have .. saw the below .. I am really curious what Dr. Aksamit will say. Every issue in our body is complex so there is never just one answer .. let us know what he says .. it will help others. Just one of the articles I read was the below:
http://draxe.com/sibo-symptoms/ .. but as I said .. it is a much more complicated issue. Hope all goes well with you! Hugs! Katherine

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I have been bugging my Doctors if I could have candida but they all have said no. I have been eating Oikos triple zero twice a day but even though it has less carbs it sill makes my sugar go up. I found Goodbelly straight shot in a four pack with no added sugar the others have way to much sugar. So I drink one of these and one live yogurt When I went to buy the Goodbelly the man in that department said a lot of people can’t use because it gives them abdominal pain but I decided to try it. After a couple of days my abdomen became bloated and hard and really hurt bad but it was late Friday and I knew I was too complicated for ER so I toughed it out since I live close to an ER. I thought I might have an obstruction. By Monday it was better. Told my husband and pharmacist maybe it was the good and bad bacteria fighting it out. I am still using it but you need to check with your Doctor. I eat a lot of fruit and salad and try and wash it really good but never know what bacteria is in our food. Good luck.

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