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@nanette, Hello Nan, I hope you are doing OK.

RE: your question - can you spread your drugs out throughout the day? My questions to you: Did your doctor make a recommendation on how you should take them? Or your pharmacist?

When I initially began the drugs, my pulmonologist told me about former patients in the Clinic on the drugs, their experiences with them, how they took the drugs to overcome side effects, etc. He said I could take the drugs spread out throughout the day, take them all at one, take them in the morning or at night, with or without food, etc. In other words, he gave me his experience with other patients and told me to find what works FOR ME when taking the meds. Just to be sure to take them consistently each day. I've taken the drugs every which way - - except space them out throughout the day. I just would never remember to take them that way!

My suggestion to you is to ask your pharmacist or pulmonologist about the efficacy of taking 1 drug 3 times a day instead of all at once. They may have a different point of view.

Any other questions or comments, we're all here to learn from - and help - each other.


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Paula, my doctor nor my pharmacist made recommendations so I should have<br />
asked. But I have a close friend who is a pharmacist and I will ask her.<br />
Thank you. Nan<br />

Nan, I totally agree with Paula .. she is so wise! Great advise! Just experiment with your own experience.
Personally I would share what worked for me with the particular antibiotics I was taking:

Wake up am probiotic on empty stomach
Ripampin 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal with a full glass of water- 4 hour before vitamins
Ethambutol and Avelox (sleep disturbance) with Azithromycin: after breakfast with a full glass of water
8 hour before or 4 hours after multi vitamin
Bedtime: take regular p.m. meds & multi vitamin, Evista, Lipitor and pm probiotic.
Separate multi vitamin & probiotics from antibiotics by at least 4 hours if possible)