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I'm new to this site, was just diagnosed with bronchiectasis and MAC this month (it was found by accident when I was having a routine breast MRI and the radiologist said he saw something in my lungs and to go get a CT scan) so they have caught it in its early stages. Started the big three as of today. There's been some great info and Katherine, @katemn, you are such a great cheerleader and coach! I am in a small town in South Carolina and I don't have access to these great hospitals like Mayo and others and to people like the pharmacists at Mayo and I was wondering if it was possible for you to share how the pharmacists spread the drugs out. I'm on Azithromycin (one every MWF), Rifampin (two every MWF) and Ethambutol (three every MWF). I start this week with the Azithromycin, add in the Rifampin next week and the Eth. the third week. But I'd love to know how the experts say to spread them out throughout the day, and if some are with food or without,etc. I just don't really know how to do it and was given no instructions from my doctor. I'm taking Florastor, the probiotic in the morning and at night because I found out about that from another support group of the American Lung Association...I'm not real sure how everything works on this site and if you can message people or not. Looking forward to your advice. Nan in SC

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Hello Nan, hope you don't think the below is weird .. BUT because I take various other meds I worked with the Pharmacist both at Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN as well as my local Pharmacist in putting together the below rather detailed scheduled. I just cut and pasted from my Word document rather than try to decipher it for you .. you can just take from it what works for you and "leave the rest"! Personally I rotated 3 different probiotics .. buying 3 different ones with the most billions .. that way I got various types .. in 30 months I didn't get a single yeast infection from the 4 antibiotics I took. Hope you can make some sense of the below! It was what I had to do .. one of my antibiotics was nebulized .. the Amikacin.

**the probiotics should not be taken for at least two hours after you take the antibiotics
1. Wake up: take probiotic, Aciphex & Synthroid on empty stomach
(Aciphex-at least 1/2 hour before eating-1 hour after. Separate Probiotic from antibiotic by at least 2 hours!)
2. Wait 30 minutes: Eat breakfast .. .. take regular a.m. meds & vitamins
3. 1 puff Qvar .. rinse mouth well .. brush teeth.(SET 5 CELL PHONE ALARMS!!).
4. ONE hour later take Homeopathic remedy after nothing in mouth for one hour
5. AT LEAST THREE hours later .. take Rifampin on empty stomach.
(Rifampin 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal with a full glass of water- 4 hour after vitamins)
*( IF POSSIBLE TAKE 2nd PROBIOTIC 2 hours after Rifampin)
6. AT LEAST ONE hour later.. take antiobiotics except Rifampin with a snack.
*OR 2 hours after Ripampin IF TOOK 2nd PROBIOTIC* (Avelox-4 hours after or 8 hour before multi vitamin with a full glass of water)
7. Six hours to Seven hours later take regular p.m. meds (Crestor &Evista) & multi vitamin & Nioxin (zinc)
after evening meal or snack. At least 2hrs (before or after) calcium, magnesium,iron or zinc.
8. Eight hours later take 2nd probiotics on empty stomach. **probiotics must be taken at least two hours after you take antibiotics
9. Nebulize Amikacin. Take nebulizer apart, clean in hot soapy water & sterilize nebulizer!
AVERAGE AMIKACIN SCHEDULE BETWEEN DAY TO DAY-try to stay same every day within 4 hours .. at least within a 12 hour period!
10. Before going to bed: take Homeopathic remedy after nothing in mouth for an hour. (as needed)
11. 1 puff Qvar .. rinse mouth well .. brush teeth.

Nan, you will learn so much if you just read through all the posts .. a LOT of knowledge and experiences! Keep coming back to the forum .. nice people who will support you through our shared journey! Sending you Hugs!