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I was dx’d with MAC in 1998. During the diagnosis process I was subsequently infected with another more serious infection during a bronch.
I was on 3 to 6 antibiotics for 8 years. After 2 years I no longer tested positive (sputum) for the MAC.

After surgery to remove the lobe with the other, more serious infection, I have neither.

Good nutrition, daily EXCERCISE via workouts on my tread mill to keep lungs clear, have been key. Basically, I never let it interfere with my life. Yes, sometimes I was tired particularly after my morning ‘cocktail’ of meds, but my husband was good at gently coaxing me on, and I would eventually get over the ‘hump’ and enjoy an active day.

Also key, get an adjustable bed. They are expensive, but necessary so that you don’t sleep flat, I waited years, and found I should have followed my Dr.s instructions immediately. Also, eat light at night.

but really, the huffing, puffing excersize 4 days a week, keeps the lungs clear and seems to have been (and still is) my biggest help other than the meds.

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you caught something during the bronch? I wonder if I got either the lung fungus or the nocardia from my bronch?

JS you are an inspiration. Who is your doctor and where do you live? I live in Indiana. I am looking for a knowledgeable doctor. Praise God!!!

@donut .. Donna did you ever get an answer on this question? Still interested? We started a new discussion .. why don’t you repost it there?! Hugs! Katherine

@katemn, you ok haven’t seen a post from you since April 13? I have been doing research and writing my appeal for my pain medicine so i havent had time to write any thing on mayo connect. You were takeing a sputum sample in for evaluation. I’m just glancing at names and dont see yours. I Hope you and you husband are alright. I’ll keep checking back. You are missed!!!!!

Thanks for sharing. My wife has MAC and had been treated with 3 different times of antibiotics and was well. After 2 years we stopped and unfortunately the bronchocopy shows MAC after 4 months. Doctor put her again on the same 3 antibiotics with a possibility of surgery. Where we could such a surgery please . We are living in Dibai UAE. Thank you and god bless you