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Hi Kathy!
So glad you got in! I always make sure to set my next appointment while I am there for a 3 month follow up if needed as he is hard to get into.

I hope you like him as much as I do .. as far as I am concerned he just “walks on water”! At my age I’ve dealt with a lot of various doctors over the years .. without a doubt he has been the most caring, watchful and on the ball I’ve ever had. Of course as in all medicine you MUST be your own advocate .. EDUCATE yourself .. keep in mind that NO ONE knows your body as well as you do .. question until you are satisfied that you understand etc.

Hope your appointment goes well! If you are interested .. from various sources I put together a form to take to appointments to remind me of what questions to ask. If you are interested I could email it to you .. you could then adapt it to your own needs. Email me if you are interested .. I think you have my personal email.
Best regards,
Katherine (Kate is just my anonymous name!)

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I would love the form of question to ask. Thank you.