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I have burning sensation in both feet, in the shower, it feels like needles on my left butt which I got from being mishandled on a Jackson table having my second spinal cord stimulator implanted. The surgery didn't hurt any where as near as my left butt! My pain is not constant and it travels a lot. The first procedure my pain management doc did, he gave me something I was allergic to. I called the office. He happened to be on call. He didn't recognize me. I told him I had laryngeal edema as an allergic reaction to something he gave me. He later admitted I scared him because I knew the term laryngeal edema. He decided to give me his personal cell phone number. We text often and here is a response to a complaint of mine. "CRPS can cause just about anything in a limb, swelling and fluctuation is usually one of them – Hallmark symptoms of CRPS." Hope that helps. (The fluctuation he mentioned was in reference to my complaint of the pain moving from top of foot, to knee, to bottom of foot, to thigh)

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Dear @barbbie , when you are speaking of the "fluctuation" or the pain moving from one area of your foot/leg to another is this within minutes, hours or days of each other? In my experience over the last almost 11 years now of having CRPS the pain definitely can fluctuate. It can also continue to expand to other areas of your body. In addition, something that you won't see amongst many of the references to the nerve pain – is the fact what that really means is that, this means ANYWHERE you have nerves in your body, you can experience the pain of CRPS….This means that the pain is not just limited to the legs, feet or arms. For example I often get pain in both of my hips as well as my heart (which I have to tell you, feels like I am having a heart attack when it decides to rear its ugly head there!!! Usually for the next 20 minutes to half hour I suffer and often wonder ….Am I having a real one this time?…..At what point should I decide that the pain has gone on long enough and perhaps I should call an ambulance? I am not sure if I may not make the right call one day….meaning not making the call when perhaps I should have. I guess I may never know, especially if that happens!!!
CRPS sucks in many ways! Anyway, I hope I helped with your question.