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I am post-op, 17 months- CMC Arthroplasty. I was told that I have RSD. I have the hypersensitivity, on the back of my hand; still swelling; range of motion issues. What I don't have is the intense pain that everyone says I should have. My primary has told me she isn't sure if I can be/have a diagnosis of RSD, without the pain. My hand surgeon said that I do have RSD. I'll admit I have a high pain tolerance, but is there anyone out there that has this diagnosis but not much pain? I have burning sensation on the back of my hand; in the shower, it feels like needles on my hand, but, not the crazy constant pain. Thanks for any replies.

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Hello @toomuchyarn,

Thank you for posting your question about ketamine treatments for CRPS. You may notice that I combined your post with an existing discussion on RSD/CRPS. I did this because there are a few members that posted about ketamine treatments for CRPS. If you are replying by email notification, I suggest clicking on VIEW & REPLY so that you will be brought to the full discussion I moved your post to. From there, I suggest reading through some of the older posts and meeting members who experienced things similar to yourself.

Hi there @pattiwaggin , You certainly seem to have a lot of the symptoms of CRPS that is for sure, however the I believe the greatest symptom of CRPS is PAIN. I have read plenty on the subject and I have never come across anyone or any literature where pain was not part of CRPS. So to you I would say, count your lucky stars, you are special. However, knowing what I know, I would also say be careful
what you do not wish for........it may just come true.....and trust me, you will wish you didn`t!! While the symptoms you are experiencing are certainly uncomfortable and annoying to you, when you add the level of pain that CRPS presence itself with, it changes your world like you never thought possible.
In case you are not aware, McGILL Pain Index describes CRPS/ RSD, as the MOST painful form of chronic pain that exists today! That is also why some have given the diagnosis a nickname of "The Suicide Disease".
Even more so now that both Canada & the U.S. are on a mission to rid themselves of Narcotics & Opiods......Starting with patients!!!!
Doctors are being pressured to lower or take your patients all off of these types of drugs or they are in jeopardy of losing their licenses.. Anyone who really knows CRPS knows that, that is simply not that simple. and you are asking many of these patients to live with the most painful condition there is without providing known existing medications that would lessen it !! Additionally, this is without in many cases providing a substitute equal to that which is being taken away or a cure! Many patients with CRPS would rather die than be left in the kind of pain that CRPS leaves them in.
Doctor's are afraid of losing their licences, while patients are afraid of losing their lives!!! But who asked them anyway!!!
I believe while the origin of some of the street drugs may have been through patients or some so called doctors, it has come way further
than that now. The majority of the drugs are now shipped into the countries or made in people`s garages. But no one is processing that fact.
The governments are using guidelines established by pain specialists to help regular GPs know how much to prescribe for their patients. However as the specialists were afraid of, the governments are using the guidelines as ``law``
Finally, those patients that have been yanked off of their meds & do commit suicide without a note, but despite their families communicating (and sometimes even the patients themselves) telling the doctors what the results of that will be. Their deaths get lumped in with all of the other Opiod overdoses, even though that clearly was not the case. So no one is capturing the real impact that this initiative is having on actual patients needing pain meds ....FOR REAL!
Others are actually driven to the street drugs since they are given no choice when their medications are withdrawn!!
Again, no one is tracking or monitoring this!
I guess we are just another casualty on the War on Drugs!

I have burning sensation in both feet, in the shower, it feels like needles on my left butt which I got from being mishandled on a Jackson table having my second spinal cord stimulator implanted. The surgery didn't hurt any where as near as my left butt! My pain is not constant and it travels a lot. The first procedure my pain management doc did, he gave me something I was allergic to. I called the office. He happened to be on call. He didn't recognize me. I told him I had laryngeal edema as an allergic reaction to something he gave me. He later admitted I scared him because I knew the term laryngeal edema. He decided to give me his personal cell phone number. We text often and here is a response to a complaint of mine. "CRPS can cause just about anything in a limb, swelling and fluctuation is usually one of them - Hallmark symptoms of CRPS." Hope that helps. (The fluctuation he mentioned was in reference to my complaint of the pain moving from top of foot, to knee, to bottom of foot, to thigh)