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recurring abdominal adhesions

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I asked the question know that this was an old post because I was diagnosed with abdominal wall pain in 2017. When I had an oophorectomy in November 2018, part of my small intestine was stuck to the abdominal wall. My doctor did not have an explanation as to how occurred. Could have been previous surgery or injury. Since the surgery in November, I now have pain in my side and the pain goes down my leg. I attempted to go for a walk today and had to turn around because of the pain. I am now wondering if scar tissue is developing where the ovary was removed.

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@smiles444 I am so sorry for the frustration you must be feeling at this point. What has the doctor said about this most recent pain? I hope they have a solution to that without making another problem.

Hey there! Im not an expert but the more surgery you have the more adhesion you are going to have. I just won my Disability on Adhesion and Pelvic Disease. When I spoken with judge I describe this disease as Cancer and it's aggressive and talks over everything it come in contact with. I explain that the more surgery you have to remove adhesion the more adhesion you going to have, so, when you ask the doctor what can we do about the adhesion, they respond with remove adhesion and that requires surgery. Usually, that mean cutting from your breast bone to your pelvic bone. Therefore, the cure (surgery) is the cause to the adhesive/pelvic disease. (if that makes sense). Doctors can not explain why this happens to some people and not all when they have surgery. Just like they can't explain why cancer happens? I just know my last surgery and the only surgery Dr Mack Barnes performed...I had to make some serious decisions...I was married with no children. I felt empty, hopeless and almost about to give up.. My decision was remove all my female organs and do what you got to do. He gave me no guarantees but he did give me the truth. Dr Barnes ultimate goal was to give me some type to quality of life. When you go through something like this you want ask why me but you try to role with the punches. It took me 2 yrs to win my disability case and another 8 months to receive my 1st check. Ive been married over 21 yrs and Im 48 yrs old today.