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recurring abdominal adhesions

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Were your adhesions due to surgery or from unknown causes?

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Hey there! I had my first surgery in 1988, I was 17 yrs old; I sustain a gunshot wound to my pelvic and because the gun was a 22 caliber the bullet bounced around and eventually stopped in my left buttock. I sustain injury to my intestine, bladder and not to mention this huge hole in my pelvic. When I was shot I was at the very top of stairs going inside and I fell backward down the flight of steps. I was in the turning position because someone yelled my name and said to get down. Some person start shooting from one end of the block to the other end and I happen to be that unlucky person that was at the top of steps. This happen Boston, MA but I'm from Birmingham AL where I currently live now. Each time I had surgery my intestines were accidentally cut while trying to remove adhesion. My second surgery they suspected endometriosis but it was abdominal adhesions but my doctor still prep my intestines and had a colon dr on stand by. If the physician you are seeing and you have agreed to surgery and they don't prep your bowels for surgery…please run, I mean really fast. Because if they accidentally cut your intestinal, what ever is in your intestine has now contaminated your entire abdomen.