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recurring abdominal adhesions

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I realize that this is an old thread however, I am not finding very much online that is more than a general blanket answer to my problems. IBS tends to be the default for my providers as well. I have had a history of pelvic trauma from child-hood sexual abuse. At age 12 I had an appendectomy after many years of tummy problems but I still had abdominal pains. I had an induced vaginal delivery of a healthy 10 pound baby in 1994 but the doctor told me that I had no other choice but to lay on my back for 12 hours after the IV Pitocin was administered. I was not able to move as I wanted during the labor and delivery. In the spring of 1997 I went to the doctor doubled over in pain and discovered that I had 3 sexually transmitted infections which resulted in severe Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and I was put onto IV anibiotics immediately. In 1999 I lost a baby at 17&1/2 weeks of pregnancy, my water broke and they drugged me up to perform a D&C, they told me that the placenta had detached from the lining of the uterus as a result of the severe scarring that the PID caused. In 2003 I was about to undergo surgery for my gallbladder removal but just before he was to put me under the anesthesiologist asked me how far along I was. I told him that I was not pregnant but my tummy was bloated from the digestive issues. He informed the doctor that I had not idea that the pre-surgical bloodwork was positive for pregnancy. At first he was attached just over the cervix but thank God my uterus stretched upward and out of the way so that he was no longer in placenta previa position. My OB said that he was a miracle baby who happened to attach to the only smooth area of my uterine wall. That pregnancy was a bit rough and then they went ahead and took him via C-section 3 weeks early because I could no longer walk and was having to hold my belly up with my hands in order to move, I carried him all out in front where you could see the outline of his body parts and my belly extended well past my nees when I sat. Although it was pre-scheduled to prevent him from gaining any more weight than 12 & 1/2 pounds, the C-section was rushed to accommodate the attending physician’s personal schedule. In 2006, my ex-husband asked me to pick up my school books off of the floor after we had an argument,when I reached down to get on of the textbooks, he kicked me from a sitting position in the coxyx area which launched me across the room until I hit the furniture. He is 6’7 and his long legs had a lot of force, I could not sit at all for several weeks and using the restroom was excruciating, to this day it causes discomfort when I lay or sit on the area. Due to lack of insurance after my husband was fired from his job and the fact that since I was working 3 part time jobs, I was uninsured. Even as a new single mother, I could not purchase my own insurance due to pre-existing conditions and therefore the gallbladder remained for an additional 8 years. The surgeon said that in his 20+ years of doing the procedure regularly, he had never seen such a sclerotic gallbladder surrounded by severe infection. In fact it took him about twice as long to do the surgery since he had to carefully “peel” my diseased gallbladder from my liver where it had adhered. My husband was abusive in every way including sexually and physically (from the age of 16 until I finally left him at the age of 32). My abdominal pain has always plagued me and not all of my issues were relieved from the removal of my gallbladder. I no longer had the kinds of attacks that had me doubled over on the floor almost every night which was a Godsend however, to this day I still have severe bloating and pains. I have not been sexually active since I divorced my husband but when we were together intercourse was always very painful. My PMS is actually severe PMDD and I had an endometrial ablation because I bled so much that I was anemic. My GYN said that he could not remove my uterine fibroids though because they are in the uterine walls on the outside. He told me to wait until menopause and I could have a complete hysterectomy at that time to expect full relief of my symptoms. My entire abdomen is always tender to the touch and swells up so huge that people think I am in my last trimester of pregnancy. Maternity clothes are the only thing that fit me, my legs and arms are skinny so I wear a medium in maternity but I absolutely cannot button a women’s size 18 and even some 24Ws are difficult to button but the rest of the outfit is extremely loose. I have been on a dairy and meat free diet for years. I do not eat refined or packaged foods, they are all whole, natural, and about 80% of my diet is not cooked. I do not eat fast food or even most restraint foods. Being a low carb vegan is very difficult. I will eat salmon or tuna but normally all of my protein is plant based. I have had times where I was “overexcercising” according to my doctor, she said it was backfiring on me because I went to 5 am spin classes before I went home to wake up the kids and get ready for work. I hired a personal trainer for a year and she was shocked that my abdominal girth would not budge and I couldn’t loose more than 4 pounds. She tried to do ab work with me but since my dihesis rectus was never repaired after my macrobirth, my muscles are so split and weak. My physical therapist that I was treating with due to an auto-accident told me that all pregnancies should have a PT consultation and that pregnant women should all be wearing support belts. She stated that women who have a C-Section should have PT to recover since it is a major surgery. I did loose almost 50 pounds on a medically supervised 6 month fast but my tummy was still large and I gained it all back in 4 weeks during our transition back to normal foods. My doctors do not understand why I bring up my big abdomen issue because they simply think I need to just lose weight. It is so devestaing to live like this but I just cannot get any testing, diagnosis, or treatment, options, I am so frustrated!!!

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I know this is older thread but try to locate a gynecologist/oncologist physician. Abdominal pelvic adhesive disease closely related to endometriosis and cancer. Therefore, most doctor can relate to the discomfort, bloating, chronic pain of pelvic and abdomen and other symptoms. My gynecologist referred me to Dr Mack Barnes Gynecologist/Oncologist in Birmingham, AL. My last surgery was in 2010. He did advised there is no cure but he could try to improve quality of life…