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Recipes for Celiac disease

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I have found that the Whole Foods grocery store has an entire list of products you can ask for that are gluten free. Its a nice free resource to start with, so that you are not overwhelmed reading labels at the store. Also, my local chain of Safeway grocery stores has everything labed that is GF. You will find, however, that some food brands have better flavors than others. Try out Bobs Red Mills glutten free grain mixes for easy substiutions in baking goods. I would also recomend buying a GF cookbook as you may be surprised by the tricks that you need to do when baking (i.e. adding warm butter in pie crusts).

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Join the Celiac web site. YOu will always find good recipes there as well. IT is really not that hard after you get the hang of it. BAsically your breads or desserts are going to be all rice base flours. YOu can buy cake mixes and snacks at walmart, kroger and specialty stores. Besides that you need to stick to protein and veggies. You really dont have to do without you just have to change your breading. You can find gluten free cornbread, gluten free cake mix, gluten free cookies (of all flavors), Cereal, etc. I think you have to try a few different cakes and cookie mixes if you want to mix your own. Not all taste the same. Try it until you find one you like. I buy my stuff premade at WHole Foods store (if you can find one) and the chocolate or vanilla cupcakesare huge and so so good, but fatty.. BUT DARN GOOD. THey have alot of foods. Or you can buy rice flour and look on line and make your own stuff. They also have gluten free soft shell tacos. I make a mean chicken taco with that. GOod luck to you

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