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Hypothyroid & Postural Tachycardia Syndrome

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I just joined this site. I don’t know how to add friends yet. I am an adult who has been recently been diagnosed with POTS. I also have hypothyroid. I am giong to my initial appointment on Monday with internal medicine. Do you have any advice for what specialities deal with this. I have worked with cardiology and pulmonary in the twin cities because my oxygen saturations frequently drops into the 80’s. Have you experienced this?
I did not know about the dehydration link. Ihave been eating more carbs and eating more often. I learned that sinc when I am sitting or standingi am in my “target heart rate zone” (fat burning) when I walk or do any activity driving or walking etc, my HR is is beyond fat burn and just burns up carbs. I feel much better if I eat more often.
Do you have any advice? As you know, it is difficult to understand for our family and friends so it feels good to find others who relate.

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sadly we are in the learning phase just like you with our daughter. at this point the only thing helping her is Meclizine and sadly her endrocronologist could not giver her extra advice. Would love to hear what you find out. I do know extra fluid helps her to and proper sleep too.

I am starting to grow out of my POTS but when I was going through the bad dizzyness I was told to drink alot and eat alot of salt. So I was just wondering if you have tried that?

we are doing that. Pretzels are bought in bult, good old cosco, and she drinks as much as a teenager remembers to. Thats for the confirmation of the salt and fluid, and hope of a light at the end of the tunnel