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"Electric Shock" type pain in my scalp!

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I've been dealing with chronic nerve pain for yrs. I was diagnosed with TN 8 yrs ago. Over the last few days, my scalp, at the top of my head, feels like I have an electric shock hitting me every few minutes. I can feel exactly where the trigger spot is. I am unable to even touch my hair by the spot or the pain is excruciating. I've also had a trigger spot by my right temple at the hairline for over a year and cannot even lay my head on a pillow on that side or the pain is awful. Has anyone else had a nerve block and does it help? The electric shock pain also often triggers a migraine. Thanks.

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While we wait for others to join the conversation, can you tell us a bit more about their recent episode? This electric shock type pain only recently started? Have you had a chance to speak to your doctor about it yet?

You also mention TN. We have several member talking about trigeminal neuralgia on Connect as well. You may wish to join this discussion:

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I too have TN for about 10 years, it is controlled by medicine. Two days ago, out of the blue, I started getting an intense sharp pain on my scalp a couple inches behind my right ear. Sometimes it is every 4-5 seconds and other times it has more minutes in between! I don’t know what’s going on! It is like my TN has turned around and is going away from my jaw. Any suggestions as to what is going on would be appreciated!