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post surgical fatigue and lightheadedness

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@anklesurgeryguy Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, a place to give and get support.

You had a recent surgery but since then you feel dizzy anytime you are not laying down and you are looking to connect with members for suggestions and support.

Members like @hriviere @contentandwell @sunnyflower have recently discussed this topic and may be able help.

May I ask if you discussed these symptoms with your provider and if you started any new medication/treatment since surgery?

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@erikas @anklesurgeryguy Any time I have had surgery I have been very tired afterward, and slightly light-headed. I think the fatigue was probably simply from my body working hard to heal. After my transplant, I could barely stay awake in the hospital. Any light-headedness I had though was not enough to cause me problems.

Regarding your dizziness, is it possible that you actually have developed vertigo? I know a number of people who have had that, including my sister and my daughter, and it really can be a nuisance. I don't think the surgery caused it, but it could just be coincidental. What has your surgeon said about it?

Hi there, thanks the reply. My surgery was Dec 31, 19 days ago. I took Tramadol day 3 to day 9 post surgery. I stopped the Tramadol day 9 thinking it was making me dizzy and by then Tylenol seemed sufficient for pain. But Days 9 to 19 i am still dizzy every day! The only medication i am taking past several days is aspirin 2x / day to prevent blood clotting. Seeing my primary physician tomorrow re this dizziness! I am eating normally, well hydrated, etc. I really don’t know what’s causing this & I felt great before surgery too. And I didn’t feel dizzy days 1 to 3 post surgery when the nerve block was still in my system & I had not started the Tramadol yet. I am considering stopping the aspirin too just to be on zero meds!

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