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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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I had the LINX procedure, hernia and diaphragm repair surgery six weeks ago. I take domperidone twice a day. Other than the expected dysphasia, I can eat without pain. I don’t do spicy, but I can have fish and chicken, pasta, cheese and any soft food. Off my Dexilant-hallelujah! I discovered something very interesting-I took Metformin for insulin resistance. I found out it is very harsh on your digestive system and can cause delayed gastric emptying. I took it for 8 years before my gastroparesis was diagnosed and have had horrible reflux for four years. I think the Metformin started my stomach issues. Hang in there and keep searching for answers. Blessings to all!

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I have noticed since my husband has been in Metformin he has had more stomach issues…. he did not start the med until after surgery. He had a pancreatic tumor removed in 2009 and lost about half of his pancreas…. yes, cancer. Thankfully cancer free. I keep telling him he needs to go to a endocrinologist. They might help him or even make an appointment at the Mayo Clinic.. with whatever department they thought most suitable.

He is stubborn.. and added complication of being caregivers to my 91 year old mama. We tried putting her in a nursing home, but they did not even order her pain med patches. We had to bring one from home. They kept her water from her and her call button. The other nursing homes around here are no better. Tried to get her in hospice and they said not yet.