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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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I drink the vanilla or strawberry. I would like chocolate but can't have it. I don't mind the taste of it but I would prefer to eat regular food. Whenever I try to eat regular food I have gas, bloating and distention. I don't know if my doctor will put me on it since the problem is with my small and large intestines and not with my stomach. Thanks for your support though.

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@beanglow, I had to be on a feeding tube for a bit over a year. It was a bit hard to get back to eating food. I had to add foods pretty much one at a time. Starting with blenderized foods and then progressing to the soft cooked vegetables and fruit (nothing raw, no skins of seeds) and tender meats. I have learned to stay away from fibrous food. If I eat broccoli I can eat florets (cooked soft), but not the fibrous stems (even if they are cooked soft). I am able to eat a few roasted nuts and a little peanut butter, but they tend to give the gassy stomach, so the amount is low.. good source of nutrients and fat.

Eating is difficult when you have upper and lower digestive issues. I am down to 120lbs. I eat something every 2-3 hours during my day hours. Last visit to Mayo they said if I cannot at least maintain weight I will probably have to go back on the feeding tube. I went off of it in Oct 2015 and they wanted me to stay at 140lbs. I think I managed to do that for about 4 months. I lost 20 lbs, but managed to get it back up to 135 after a few months. I was up to 138lbs January of last year and this January I was down to 117lbs. I got it back up to 120lbs. There has been a lot of stress over the last couple of years and that makes it harder.