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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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@mayorocks I did a lot of research about the monster in my belly. Read an article about success getting rid of them by blasting them with Coca-Cola! Seriously! No docs in my area would do that though.
So without my doc’s blessing, I started drinking a couple of cokes a day on an empty stomach. (Not supposed to drink cokes when you have Barrett’s.) When I had my 2nd RFA 10 months later, the doc said the monster was gone.
Now I’m not going to say that I got rid of it by drinking cokes because I’m sure that the extremely low fiber diet and taking domperidone had a lot to do with it!

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VERY interesting. It would be worth trying your route to avoid surgery. I read somewhere that the endoscopic equipment can sometimes chop them up so they go through, probably much smaller than yours I guess. Or possibly it has a suction to vacumn, up the pieces it chops. I am just guessing. I am not sure much gets through me since even liquids are slowed.
I know coke has been said by someone to be very corrosive and that you can pour it on battery cables attachments in car to bubble off corrosion. Don't know if its just the carbonation or what but I did that once. If I end up having one I will write again to see where you read it etc.

did you have side effects, good effects or what with domperidone? I have thought about trying to get on it as I sure don't like this diet or the prognosis for improvement on average.