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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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I’m new. I have Gastroparesis and horrible GERD. Diet is a huge issue and I shake nonstop.

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I have gastroparesis too but all the reading I've been doing hasn't mentioned shaking. Do you have diabetes or hypoglycemia or parkinsons disease?
I am trying to find foods I don't have to cook that don't make my severe belching and stomach sloshing and gurgling sounds worse. I am not willing to cook, though I may be forced to later. I have been living on the custard out of Publix's bakery egg custard pie, saltine crackers usually without the salt as I eat them a lot, baked potatoes with greek yogurt - plain, Outshine popsicles strawberries with milk and cream, and their fruit juice strawberry and rasberry popsicles also. I can eat the trout at Cracker Barrel without any spices but I get lemon wedges and use the juice to improve flavor and the macaronni and cheese and baked sweet potatoes. If I was cooking I would make vegetable soup with few things cooked very done then gradually add one ingredient for a batch and see how react. Canned soup I tried increased belching. I also drink 3 vanilla Ensures a day to get some nutrition and protein. I have not yet consulted nutritionist or much of anyone as I don't like the write ups on the gastro dr. in my small/med size town, and have just read a lot hunting a dr. to travel to. I was very worried about the diet/nutrition until I just got a new problem in past 6 wk - blood in stools. I have appointment in 2 wk with surgeon to do endoscopy and colonoscopy. I am worried about whether I can get the required 4 liter drink down in 1 day, even increasing the number of hours by about 6 hr or so. I will also do clear liquids the day before the prep day to try and have as empty of stomach and colon as possible. Either my self designed diet or the blood problem, whatever it is, has made me have more frequent movements so that will help also. So hopefully I can do this. I have to. My biggest fear now is that i might have colon cancer. I am trying to quit reading on health and news - (except Rachel Maddow,) and listen to more music and get some things done that I am extremely behind on.

Anyone have any food items to add that can be purchased not made?