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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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Hi pdilly,
I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis about 3 months ago. The symptoms I had were slight vomiting, stomach pain and a lot of bloating. I had a gastric emptying study which showed very slow emptying of the contents. The diagnosis was based on the study and the results of an endoscopy. The endoscopy showed undigested food from 4 days prior. I went for a follow up endoscopy 4 weeks later (after following a low-fiber Gastroparesis diet). The doc found that the pyloric sphincter was narrowed quite a bit. This too would cause delayed emptying. He used a baloon to stretch it open. Since then, my only symptoms have been slight bloating and constipation. I am on ocycodone for severe cronic back pain (which of course would cause the constipation), but I’m also not getting much fiber either because of pmy diet.
My whole point of this is that I don’t know if I truly have Gastroparesis or if my issues were caused by a small pyloric sphincter. I have another follow up with the GI doc in a couple of weeks. Hopefully he will be able to determine the cause of my problem.
I’m not suggesting that your situation is the same as mine. I just wanted to share in hopes that it may be of some help to you.

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Thank you for sharing @juliew0205! I get help from all the posts here!
(I do get my mayo Gastroparesis threads mixed up though. )

Someone somewhere posted something about the diet for Gastroparesis. I agree. Hard to follow if you also have type 2 diabetes where you need high fiber and low carbs. The Gastroparesis diet is low fiber and high carbs!

And other conditions complicate diet even further. Based on all of my “conditions” I need to be on a low fiber, low carb, low sodium, low fat, low acid eating plan! Lol! 😂 😂😂

It’s hell getting old y’all!

I think the eating plan for Gastroparesis is evolving though. The first guide I got last year showed oatmeal and lettuce on the forbidden list. But a new eating plan I got at my gastroenterologist ‘s office a month ago shows quick oats and iceberg lettuce are ok! Those 2 items opened up a whole new world for me!

Hope you are still doing better. How long is the balloon stretch likely to help? I haven't run across that technique in my reading. Cleveland Clinic's Motility Clinic has a lot of articles as well as some research from Mayo I found through various searches and Pubmed.gov site- google for exact address, if want to read journal articles. Cleveland Clinic writes about a surgery technique where they cut just above pyloric valve. They use that if diet and meds aren't sufficient.
Unless you can find some way to control pain without opiates you will possibly not be able to get much better, as that may be the cause. Anticolenergic meds need to be decreased/eliminated when possible is what I gather from readings. I have taken a lot over adult life and take a medium amount of antihistimines, asthma and anxiety and depression meds now. I am not sure I can take less. Will be trying.