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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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I have been dealing with IBS for 20 years now and have finally gotten thru to my Dr. that something other than "stress" is causing my IBS so he ordered a CT scan and a gastric emptying study along with a SIBO test (which I ended up not having to do). I was diagnosed with mild gastroparesis..finally I'm not crazy and no, my stomach does not digest food normally!! While we were waiting to have the study done my Dr. suggested the low fodmap diet to calm down the severe symptoms I was experiencing at that time. Amazing results!!! Still have mild stomach pain, bloating and nausea after eating but nowhere near the severity as before, plus I have lost almost 25 lbs in 3 months and blood pressure is way down. I'm a breast cancer survivor and have had chronic left chest pain for 10 years and that is totally gone now that the inflamation from my abdomen in that area has subsided. After my diagnosis, I was given a new diet to follow for gastroparesis that has things on it that were not allowed on the low fodmap diet (ie. canned peaches & pears in syrup, applesauce,toast) so I'm trying to come up with a balance on my own which also includes smaller meals. I'm one of the odd GP patients as I am NOT diabetic, take NO medications at all (55 yrs old), have never had stomach surgery so who knows why I've been chosen to deal with gastroparesis! with all the recipes on Pinterest I've found the low fodmap diet works the best and there really is some tasty food that I can eat. I have to go easier on the butter and oils than some recipes state but cutting out all dairy, gluten and fruits and veges that ferment in my stomach have made an amazing difference in how I feel 🙂 Good luck!

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Never used Pinterest for recipes - GREAT idea! Thank you.

@iring. I have just diagnosed myself as having IBS. I thought it was a lactose intolerance, and that is definitely a trigger, but even when I avoid lactose scrupulously I still sometimes have problems.
I am going to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist, but in the meantime, is gastroparesis related to IBS? I do not have any nausea, I just have a problem after eating dairy, and some other unidentified trigger, primarily diarrhea and mild stomach upset.
It really makes life sort of difficult as I’m sure you know. At times I don’t want to leave the house.
The gastro I would like to go to is scheduling in October at this point so I may try to find a different one.