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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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Only you guys understand how I'm feeling. I get so bloated it's unreal. When I'm severely bloated I can feel numbness in my head, arms, shoulders, fingers, legs, well basically anywhere on my body. I feel drozy, light headed, and can face the world. I can't belch, fart nor poo like before. Even by some miracle i do get to poo and for a minute i feel like im back to nornal and i feel more energy then i start get bloated rapidly again. And most times I poo it feel like I'm not empty. This as ruined my life completely. Doctor once said it's IBS but I really think this is something that they don't have a clue about. I've become my own doctor for this now and try to do all I can to live life as comfortable as I can but it's truly hard. I really thought I was the only one going through this. If anyone finds a cure or someway to keep it calming let me know please

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Also I start having light handedness followed by a shiffering feeling with tingles run through my body. Been suffering from this from 2004 and I would give all i own to be normal again.

I had a Nissen in 2015.. in Iowa... then 2 months later went to Mayo MN to find out what had been done to me... Post operative Gastroparesis...My radiologist friend in Sweden diagnosed it as well just from my description... Yes it completely changes your life.. But I lost 50 pounds as I arrived at Mayo... now I am back 25-30 pounds better.. 5'-10" 175 pounds.. I have to keep eating each time I pass through the kitchen... I live alone so at least no one else has to deal with it... I used to enjoy cooking out... going out to eat.. drinking wine... Not so much... but I find things on menus that I can live with... usually taking "boxes" of even appetizer servings home to finish off later ... the big problem is to let Gravity work too... don't lie down for at least 2 hours after eating...Propped up sleeping is essential as well... I avoid Broccoli, cabbage and such that is not easily digested... but stomach gases and bloating is a problem.. but I have used Papaya Enzyme pills to help with that ... carry them with you... I do take Gas-X as well ... Just 1 a day ... not all the time ... but the method and rate you use to eat... very slowly... cut things up very finely 1/4" by 1/4".. ... chew very well... coping is essential.. so Mayo MN prescribed Mirtazapine... the Doctor said it would help me think that I wanted to eat... as I actually feel best when I first get up ... stomach empty... Ken