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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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Hi to you and anyone who can help me, as I'M DESPERATE: I was diagnosed with gastroparesis (rate about 33% after 5 hours, I think) over a year ago. I've had two gastric emptying studies. I've had MRI's of the abdomen and pelvis which are okay. I have had numerous endoscopies, and a capsule endoscopy. The battery from the capsule endoscopy died before it passed through my stomach. I've been to at least four gastroenterologists. The motility doctor at Columbia Presbyterian thinks my symptoms are from gastroparesis. Another gastroenterologist doesn't think so, but he is unable to pinpoint where my symptoms are coming from!!!! I am CONSTANTLY NAUSEOUS, HAVE DRY GAGGING, FEEL FULL, AND SOMETIMES I CANNOT EAT. FOR THE PAST SIX MONTHS, I'VE BEEN LIVING ON SOUP, CRACKERS, AND WHATEVER I CAN FORCE MYSELF TO EAT WHICH IS BLAND. I GET NO RELIEF! I'VE BEEN LIVING A MISERABLE EXISTENCE ON THE COUCH. I AM 65, AND I GO TO THE YMCA THREE TIMES A WEEK. THAT HAS BEEN DIMINISHED DUE TO THIS CONDITION, WHATEVER IT IS. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANSWERS FOR ME? I CANNOT TAKE THE MEDICATIONS PRESCRIBED, BECAUSE I AM ON AN SSRI AND ANXIETY DRUG FOR YEARS. ANY ANTI-EMETIC DRUG IS CONTRAINDICATED WITH THESE OTHER MEDS. WHAT SHOULD I DO? WHAT ELSE COULD BE CAUSING MY PROBLEM? I HAVE LOST 10 POUNDS SINCE AUGUST. I HAVE HORRIBLE NUTRITION. I DRINK BOOST. I CAN'T EAT VEGETABLES EXCEPT FOR SQUASH. MAYO CLINIC DENIED ME AN APPOINTMENT BASED UPON MY GASTRIC EMPTYING STUDY. THEY SAID THAT ALL WAS BEING DONE FOR ME IN NEW YORK! DOES ANYONE GET IT????? I'll take any answers and suggestions anyone may have. We know I have gasgroparesis, but are my symptoms coming from that disorder? I have a lousy primary doctor who cannot help me. What should I do???? Please help.

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Oh so sorry what u r going through it sounds like gastropersis i can't take meds either but I'm not in u r condition wish I could help keep looking for a doc to help

You may want to look at the MALS thread…. we have so many overlapping symptoms. I know it is difficult when you are looking for a cause of symptoms, however the MALS group may have some suggestions with management of symptoms? Just a thought… for me I have found I do better with carbs, and I have to take gummy fiber daily. Do you have pain after eating?

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