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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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Strangely, I have diabetes but really good A1Cs. I started feeling sick in May, and it has progressed from there. The Linzess has decreased the nausea but I can eat very little, an egg in the morning with yogurt, snacks of protein shakes, lunch of soups, a little fish, etc. They took me off my diabetes meds and said I could manage my sugars on my own. I have started having pins and needles in arms and while this improved after a shot of vitamin b12 (of which I was deficient), I am still have some effects. I was on Metforim and did not know that caused vitamin b 12 deficits and now am wondering if this is all a reflection of that. I saw my doc faithfully, took meds, watched what I ate, was active, but suddenly this came on. I can't sleep much though. Acupuncture is what works best, but it is costly. I am having an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and a gastric emptying test coming up. I am also meeting with a neurologist and a cardiologist. Each doctor is so narrow in his/her scope, which makes it hard. I want to go to the Cleveland Clinic if the diagnosis is confirmed, which the GIs here are leaning toward. Has anyone been? It seems like the most comprehensive for this disorder? I can manage any hand/leg pain, but the eating is tough. And if this is a complication of my diabetes, does it make sense to be off the meds? I am angry at myself. I should have done more. All I can do now is work to make it better. I worry about dying. I still have children at home. I am currently still trying to work but I wonder about it…

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@nikkig Do you have a local doctor you trust? If so, tell them you want to be tested for Amyloidosis, and that they can get the test names from Dr. Martha Grogan at Mayo-MN. You do not need to put up with doctors who are unwilling to run every test in the book until they have answers. Again, my paper which I listed above, has the list of tests you can start with. There is no money in this for me. Just the satisfaction of knowing I gave you some good info. My guess is that you have excessive mis-folded Proteins in our blood and urine. There is a test, SERUM FreeLiteChain (sFLC(c)) from The Bindings Site of Birmingham UK and Seattle which might help. It is a simple blood test, available almost anywhere, and it is sent to ARUP or Mayo-Quant, or Boston Amyloidosis for analysis. I think you need to begin looking at the stuff coming out of your liver and your kidneys. Also, you probably have mild enlargement of some of your organs, maybe 10% or less. https://bit.Ly/1w7j4j8 "Amyloid and Old Karl" Free, and in PDF or odt