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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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My daughter was diagnosed and was put on erythromycin, but is having Dizzy Spells & Blurred/Double Vision. I took her to the hospital and they treated her for dehydration, not even looking in her ears. I took her to the PCP and they said she looked fine….but this article is scaring me!!! Could it be MS????

Medical Conditions That Cause Gastroparesis
Diabetes is the most common medical condition associated with the development of gastroparesis. Over time, high blood glucose levels damage the vagus nerve, which is responsible for sending signals to and from the brain and gut. Once this nerve becomes damaged, gastroparesis can result.
Diseases of the nervous system such as Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis can cause gastroparesis. Delayed gastric emptying can also develop as a side effect from chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Thyroid disease has also been shown to be a contributing factor.

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Update: she is still miserable.The devastation of watching my 11 year old A honor roll student and all the extra activities widdle to NOTHING, have caused us health issues. As parents it is devastating when doctors refuse to take the pain "REAL"!!!!!!!!!!! We both started depression meds, high blood pressure meds, and he had a triple bypass he swears is due to this anxiety. Never a pill or problem in 50 years. A sick child and no doctor "ON OUR INSURANCE" will listen. We had a positive ANA Hepatitis and were referred to Scottish Rite who ONLY said she NOES NOT HAVE LUPUS. I travel 200+ miles every appointment. Insurance sucks. No specialists want to take us.