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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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I have osteoporosis which has gotten worse over the last five years. Two years ago I noticed when I ate to much, such as Thanksgiving dinner about an hour later I would have a pain above my left eye, pain in my left collar bone and indigestion. This was very infrequent. Since April I now have GERD which causes hoarseness, mucus and clearing of my throat. I have been going to a gastroenterologist the last two months and mentioned I thought my vagus nerve was causing this. He said no and gave me medication for GERD. This has not helped. I have read all the information on gastropareses and know this is what I have. How can I convince him?

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I have given up trying to explain that I have Crohn’s, GERD, diabetes, and a lot of pain. If my family had arthritis I had the same problem I am told. All was false diagnosis. I’ve been telling different doctors that I was cured in 1960, but because it was not drugs that couldn’t be correct. Now I learned all about GERD, diabetes, Crohn’s, and memory all controlled by the same source. My treatment in 1960 by an Italian Doctor was shots of: Methionine, B-12, and vitamin K. A two week treatment and I avoided surgery to remove part of my inflamed intestines do to severe pain. Last year from a neck pain I solved all my problems. I noticed eating bread and sugar increased my pain but eating vegetables decreased the pain. I changed my diet per a friend suggestion and the following happened. I was able to stop all my bodies pain including neck, hands, lower back, and knees area intermittent pain. Also by it self GERD stopped. I had it for over 50 years but I knew from the Italian treatment it stopped for 3 years. My diagnosis is the liver since Methionine cleanse the Free Radicals of the liver and I am sure it does other things. I located some liver supplement pills but it helped until I ate the wrong food again. Now I have GERD completely under control and so my intestines and memory. Also my diabetes reversed to normal. I removed bread and any flour products, removed all carbohydrates, soft drinks or any thing with preservatives. I make fresh smoothie drinks fruits and raw vegetables and it controls all my pain within one hour. I eat what I shouldn’t and get the pain activated and Neuropathy, but vegetables specially raw vegetables is better than any drug medicines. Why doctors keep it secret? The Internet is full of good information about what I am talking, but no one wants to hear specially when they hear about that bread is the source of many diseases. Sugar also. My neck pain have been my trainer and learning even to pay attention to fresh fruit sugars. So far so good since after many blood test and Ct Scan I was told by my doctor that I figured out there is no medication for me. I also lowered my blood pressure to normal and healed all my ulcers that was on my esophagus from acid stomach. I wished I knew all of these 50 years ago and not suffer from GERD like I did. Try what I am saying it will cure you in few days. I hope it will help you.

Hello @2thnkpztv,
Welcome to Connect; I’m sorry that you are experiencing these symptoms, but also glad to know that you are being an advocate for your health. You will notice that I moved your discussion to this group within Digestive Health, as I thought you might like to connect with others living with gastroparesis.

I’m also tagging @gingerlyn, @clemlaa, @citygirlannie, @margieg, @sherry8034, @katmandoo, and @faycarole, with the hope that they can share their experiences with you; @mrsdeecee, do you have any suggestions for @2thnkpztv with regards to the hoarseness due to GERD?

Here is some information about treating gastroparesis from Mayo Clinic http://mayocl.in/2gc3xYu.
@2thnkpztv, have you considered getting a second opinion? Since the medication is not working, how are you managing your symptoms?