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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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<p>have had this disease for 4 yrs now. i am 75 yrs old and have no life. have had several drs say "nothing we can do" would a trip to mayo help? </p>

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I have idiopathic gastroparesis & suffered for about three yrs until I went to Omaha. Ne hospital and had a gastric pacemaker implanted in my abdomen in April 2012. It's worked wonders with me! I can now eat, as long as I watch what I eat, and don't get sick now. Talk to your gastroenterologist about the gastric pacemaker. By the way I'm almost 61 yrs old. <br><br>

Welcome back to Connect @katmandoo! So great to hear that the gastric pacemaker has turned out to be a long-term solution for you. Last time you posted you had the pacemaker for only 2 months and now it's been 4 years and counting. Thanks for sharing your story.

What types of foods do you avoid?

I should have posted foods & medicines I have to avoid from getting sick with my gastric pacemaker so here are some I avoid: any fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, all nuts & high fiber. These are all hard to digest & to much fiber could bind up in my stomach. I can only eat chicken, fish & hamburger when it comes to meats. I also have found that I can't take antibiotics or antidepressants by mouth because they make me sick. So my Dr gives me antibiotic vaccines when I'm sick and I take a short term active antidepressant because the Dr thinks the slow release ones make me sick after about two months on them. Hope this helps anyone else that has gastroparesis. <br><br>