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Gastroparesis with severe symptoms!

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I have similar symptoms, but did not know it had a name. I had a nuclear egg study and it was found my food does not move at a normal rate, it is very slow. Is this the kind of study any one has had to diagnose this?

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I had the same nuclear egg study done back in November to diagnose this. As far as I know this test is the only true way to confirm gastroparesis, although I know of some people who had that test come back normal and actually do have gastroparesis.

The digestive system needs fiber and whole grains to move properly. Up your fiber foods.

This is not only wrong, it could make it worse. If you have gastroparesis, a LOW fiber diet is recommended. Fiber and whole grains will NOT stimulate the vagus nerve!!! Worse yet, eating a lot of fiber can actually cause bezoars. You really shouldn’t give out half hearted holistic advice. This could really cause harm!!! I hope that anyone here with gastroparesis knows better than to load up on fiber…you may end up at the ER with a bezoar blocking your intestines!

Yep. I had a nuclear egg sandwich one day and then nuclearized apple juice. I'm also waiting on a small intestine enjoying test. But, yeah, that means you have gastroparesis. The question is, how severe. That will dictate what kind of diet you need to follow.

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