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I am 46 and I was diagnosed with acalasia of the esophagus in 1992 (at age 22) and underwent an esophageal myotomy and Nissan fundal plication. I have seen some of the best doctors (I have been told) at northwestern in Chicago, mayo in Rochester and most recently in the twin cities. I continue to have reflux and wake up every night with pain. Strangely- the only thing that helps is eating. Most acid blockers have not helped. I have been on omeprazole with mixed results. I also am often extremely bloated by the end of the day- or wake up bloated when I have "chest" or esophagus pain at night. I may have mild gastroparesis but have no stomach pain. I am very, very concerned about the damage the reflux is doing to my esophagus. I have started going through the usual battery of tests again and have my final two in sept. before I meet with my doctor again. Anyone else experience anything like this? Thank you!

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Welcome to Connect @margo42.
There are several members talking about reflux and gastroparesis in a variety of discussions throughout Connect. @rsinger22 @ladysky @dandl48 @robbinr @danielad @rexanna @rexanna @pinkmk will you join me in welcoming Margo and adding your thoughts and experiences?

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I can imagine you're concerned about the damage risk reflux poses to your esophagus. What final tests do you have in September?

Welcome Margo; I too have reflux, Barrett's Esophogus and nodules at the junction of my stomach. I take 40 MG of Nexium 24 2 times a day plus D3 but I still have to watch my diet. I have been to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester 5 times (just returning from my 5 visit). As I have been told re food, don't eat it if it effects me. Everyone has certain food items that bother's them. My Barrett's has gone from High Grade dysplasia to no dysplasia and this last time I just had a small island of Barrett's that instead of getting a RFA,the Dr.cut it out. Good luck with your tests!

Hi Margo42. I also was diagnose with alcalasia last year. I don' have any pain, just a lot of acid reflux. I am on protonic 40 mg twice a day. I also have esophageal spasm, my doctor put me on alodompine 20mg once a day. I cough a lot and cough up a lot of white clear mucus especially at night. It is like I wake up choking. Do anyone have these same system? I am sorry Margo42 you are having so much pain. Playfully you will be able to find a doctor that can help with your pain.<br><br>

<br />I am 69 and was diagnosed with acid reflux two 1/2 years ago; severe enough to be on 40 mg twice a day of a proton inhibitor and have tried several. On the internet one day I researched this and found that acid reflux could be the result of your stomach acids are not equalized. Something as simple as a glass of lemon water or two could do the trick; the alkaline acid in lemons neutralizes the stomach acid It did for me.. I had a 16 year old dog which I had to have put down and discovered while I had her, I had severe allergies with lots of post nasal drip (which also can cause acid reflux), didn't think it could be her. After having her put down, my allergies are not nearly as bad and all I take now for prevention is 1 20 mg. of Pepcid AC in the am and lemon water when I need it. Am completely off of those proton inhibitors. Good Luck<br /><br />Elsie Crean<br />

Elsie, Glad to hear your reflux has improved. One suggestion though is that if you haven't had a recent endoscopy is to have one. The reason being is that Barrett's esophagus, and Dysplasia which develops in Barretts from having reflux is painless and can continue to get worse while you no longer have reflux, developing into cancer without even having any symptoms. I know of a 35 year old man here in town who had reflux for a few years and then it stopped with a change of his lifestyle and is now battling for his life with stage 4 cancer in his esophagus which has now spread to his liver.

I also read on the internet that apple cider vinegar is very good as well but can have a few side effects eventually. Unfortunately, you do have to be consistent and follow a good diet as well. You know nothing spicey. Its a tough diet to follow. Good Luck

I also wanted to thank dandi 48. I had a endoscopy last year and of course had it done in the ENT's office (didn't like that) and didn't care for him either. Everything was fine then. This year I just had a colonoscopy, everything fine there, but the doctor was a gastro doctor and said he would take care of me for the acid reflux so am going to make an appointment with him and am going to have him do the endoscopy. Thanks

Hi @etsy, my alcalasia has gotten worse. I am afraid it could turn into esophagus cancer. I am schedule for a colonoscopy this November, I will discuss with my GI doctor about. Endoscopy also. Thanks for the replay.