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Acid reflux: Anyone out there?

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I have had severe acid reflux for years. I take Nexium, and with a few exceptions avoid all citrus foods, coffee, spicy and fried foods. Cheat and eat chocolate maybe twice a week. Do not drink liquor, an occasional champagne. Never smoked.
Have had ulcers and an esophagus motility problem . Now also taking Sucralfate tablets that I mix with water. Less expensive than liquid form to coat my stomach one-half hour before taking Nexium before meals.

I am experiencing very loose bowel movements very shortly after eating.
I eat Greek Yogurt, drink Dan Active, and today started taking ALIGN,
a pro-biotic. Hope this helps curtail bowel movements. I can only take Tylenol for any kind of pain or I develop Ulcers .

Good luck

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I had all the similiar problems for over a year. It came down to 2 things: I had a non functioning gall bladder that was found on a hydascan then surgery to remove it, also a gluten intolerance. After changing my diet and surgery I am 90% better. I am using digestive supplements to manage not having a gall bladder and that is still a work in progress. The reflux meds did not work for me.

I never thought of that. Does it work for you?

Bless you! With all this going on I'll throw in a few Hail Mary's and I'm not even catholic! My husband has esophageal cancer and it started out yrs. ago with a hiatial hernia surgery, and episodes of acid indigestion. After an exam and many EGD's the Dr. called it Barretts Disease. Now this is where things get worse. About a yr. ago he was tested and he had a tumor in the wall of the esophogus. He's had chemo and radiation,but we found out just yesterday it can't be safely removed due to his engourged veins. That being our medical problems, I'm just here to ask any and all who deal with ongoing indigestion to be tested as often as they can for this cancer. It's a very bad one to be rid of and if you catch it early you can add days and hopefully years to your life span.