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Protect Your Vaccine Record Card

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After receiving both doses of the Moderna vaccine does Mayo issue CDC ID cards verifying patient vaccination status? If not, how can you get this document?

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Hello @flcipriano44 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I understand you are interested in knowing more about the COVID-19 vaccine card. I was able to find the following for you:

What is a COVID-19 vaccine card?
The card was created by the CDC to be a helpful reminder and a way to confirm that the correct second dose is provided to you.

At Mayo Clinic, however, the card is not necessary because Mayo is able to track when you should return and which vaccine you will need for your second dose.

Should you have a need for the information on the card, it will be made available in your Patient Online Services account under immunizations.

Does that help to answer your question?

@amandajro and @flcipriano44, in addition to what Amanda shared, Mayo is not in my area and the clinic nurse told me at my 2nd vacc to hold onto the card issued in case it might be required later for some types of travel. It is small and tucks easily into a billfold.

I received my COVID vaccination in January. EU countries are requiring a CDC vaccination card for proof. Will Mayo Clinic be providing cards for vaccinated patients?

Hi @pvb123 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

Clinics which administer the vaccinations issue CDC cards at the time of the injections. If you didn’t receive a card, contact your medical provider where you received the vaccine.. They will have your immunization records on file and should be able replace your card.

Did you receive your vaccinations at a Mayo Clinic campus? If so, you should be able to access your records in your Mayo Patient portal and make a copy of the information. Contact the Mayo Clinic where you received the vaccine to get a sanctioned CDC.

Hi Mayo Connect- with the increase for vaccination confirmation for things like travel and concerts, etc. Is there any reconsideration of issuing the CDC vaccination card, and if so would you retroactively issue for previous vaccinations? This is becoming the gold standard….

I did not receive a card when I was vaccinated at Mayo. Instead, they printed my entire vaccination records. I would expect that locations requiring proof of vaccination would expect something closer to the format of a CDC card versus my vaccination records. I'm concerned that showing my COVID vaccination record from the Mayo app will not be acceptable for these events.

Oh, dear I mislead you. VAMS is for making appointments. Try this one: https://www.mayoclinichealthsystem.org/patient-online-services

Hi @woodwick29 @nschambu and all Mayo Clinic patients looking for their COVID vaccine card.

You can get your COVID vaccine card and print it out from the Mayo Clinic patient portal (Patient Online Services) or the Mayo Clinic app.
Please see the instructions online here: https://mcforms.mayo.edu/mc7800-mc7899/mc7881-61.pdf

I'll also include the instructions here:

1 Log in to Patient Online Services.
2 Select “COVID-19” from the menu on the left side of the home page.
3 Select “COVID-19 Test Results & Vaccine Records” from the COVID-19 page.
4 Select the arrowhead to expand the box with your vaccination records.
5 Select the print icon to the right of the words “COVID-19.”
6 Select the print button in the print window to print your records.

1 Log in to the Mayo Clinic app.
2 Scroll to the COVID-19 section on the home page.
3 Tap “COVID-19 Results & Vaccinations.”
4 Tap arrowheads to view records.
5 Take a screen shot of the page and follow your usual steps for printing screen shots. To enable screen shots from the Mayo Clinic app on an Android device, tap the three dots on the COVID-19 page to go to “App Preferences” and select “Enable Screen Shots.”

If you have caregiver access to a Patient Online Services account for a patient between ages 13 and 17, you can view and print their COVID-19 vaccination records. Open their account from your Patient Online Services account, and follow the steps above.

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