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Today I found out that my kidney function is low. The dr told me that there wasn’t anything to be concerned about. Is this true?

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@vivianwaters Welcome to Mayo Connect! We are a group of patients, family members, and caregivers here, who share our experiences and offer support as we each journey on our own health travels.

You have just found out your kidney function is low. The function of a kidney is usually signified by the eGFR, or glomeruli filtration rate. What did the Dr tell you it is? Like most organs in our body, our solid organs tend to slow down a bit naturally as we age. The kidneys are real workhorses, filtering a lot of unneeded materials out of our bodies.

Deep breath, please. Until you have more information, and when you care to share with me, we'll walk through this one step at a time. Is there any family history of kidney problems, or have your experienced any before?


I'm sorry to hear that your kidney function has been found to be low. While it's never good to be overly stressed I do think you owe it to yourself to be proactive and learn more.

Kidneys are damaged by excessive salt and high blood pressure, being overweight, dehydration, a number of diseases and many other things.

There is a lot of good information on the National Kidney Foundation's website.

Did your doctor give you any reasons why your kidneys function was below optimal? Is the a plan to retest in the future?


In all probability your lab results were pretty good, therefore the doctor made a positive comment. Suggest you ask a medical assistant for a copy of the report.

I have asthma, osteoporosis, IBS, hiatal hernia, recurring sinus infections, allergies, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, recurring fatigue, and sleep apnea

@vivianwaters Thank you for listing your other issues. One of the leading causes for kidney problems is untreated/uncontrollable high blood pressure, if you were not aware of that. That is what caused my husband's kidney problems. [my kidney problem is from a very rare autoimmune disease].

Have you considered getting a thorough physical exam and bloodwork, in order to maximize your health? You might find that changing up your diet, lifestyle, medications, and exercise would go a long way to helping. I know it's a big task – been there myself! It's one of those "okay, how do I work on making this better?" Lab tests look at several values to come together to see if there is something to consider.

I hope this has not confused you! Please let me know, okay?

My GFR was tested because I was having a CT scan with dye. It came back as 50 and should have been at least 60. They went ahead with the dye and my doctor hasn’t mentioned this. Should I be concerned? Thank you.

I also have been told My GFR is low but the cause is probably the Prescription NSAIDs I have been taking for many years. Do not have a hypertension problem I have stopped them. Any body had a similar issue and was there improvement after? I have become more conscientious about hydrating better. Thanks

Ginger. Thanks for replying. I had been on prescription Mobic 7.5 mg but would occasionally take 15 mg for increased pain for decades because of scoliosis and degenerative arthritic back problems. I have switched to actominophen
1000 mg twice (2 grams) a day and use a homeopathic topical called topricin, alternating with cbd patches Heat especially in the morning for stiffness and stretching. That all keeps pain under control I have not taken the NSAIDs for about 6 months
My last 2 GFRs were 49 and 42. I have physical scheduled beginning of April and will have repeat labs. Hoping the GFR will
improve. My other kidney labs were ok creatinine a little high 1.1
No other issues like retaining fluid
Happy to hear your GFR improved after stopping the NSAIDs. How soon after stopping did it improve?
How are lab values now? Have you had to see a nephrologist?

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