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Lodging in Jacksonville, FL

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Have MRI on 1 Dec and consult with neurosurgeon the next morning. I have a meningioma and cavernoma. Wanting closest hotel. When I call the Marriott number it’s not the local number. Trying to speak with someone at that Marriott, not a call center. Have questions like… how close is it to the clinic? Safe to walk to at night? Shuttle if needed? Hope to get best rate? I was quoted $170 with tax by reservation service but i know sometimes you can get better rates if calling directly to hotel. Any hints? Suggestions? Just suck it up and pay it because of closeness to Mayo? :). Thank you so much!! I have AAA, AARP and am retired Army Corps of Engineers civilian. It will be me and two friends.

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I have stayed at the Holiday Inn Medical Center as their Mayo rate is $107. They have a complementary shuttle to Mayo. I have stayed there for a few days at a time and then 43 consecutive days. If you end up having to stay long term there a great place to stay because you earn free nights. Praying for you to have the best outcome, Mayo is amazing! They have seriously become like family!

Hello @ees1,

I'm so glad that you are able to be seen at Mayo in Florida! On Mayo Clinic's website, there is a Visitor Guide which you might find helpful. Here is the link, https://www.mayoclinic.org/patient-visitor-guide/florida. As you can see, there is information about lodging.

I hope that you find your visit helpful and informative. I would be interested in hearing about your appointment and experience at Mayo.

Will you post an update after your appointment?

Hi @ees1, I can tell you that the Marriott by Courtyard in Jacksonville is on the Mayo Clinic Campus and is right across the street from the Main Entrance to the Davis Building main lobby which is attached to the Mayo Building (where you will have your MRI). It's about a 5 minute walk from the Mangurian Building (where NeuroSurgery is located) and it is very central to any other appointments you may have. I took the liberty of including the local phone number and address below.
How long are you planning on staying?

Address: 14390 Mayo Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32224
Phone: (904) 223-1700

I am the same way. I like to speak with someone right at the property. They can answer so many questions about the hotel and the surroundings. Especially during this pandemic I had more questions. They were able to provide me with their individual state’s health mandates. Was able to plan ahead with what to expect while at the hotel, riding the shuttle and eating out. I am a patient at the Rochester campus and I live out of state. So it was extremely helpful speaking with someone at the property. Even when I am making reservations for a vacation I still call directly to the property.

Recommendation: I would go the Mayo’s website and check out the videos they have provided to show what they are doing to keep their patients and staff safe and protected. It helped me to know what to expect upon arrival at the clinic and helped me navigate my way thru the clinic. I always like to be prepared.

Anyone know the local phone number? The 904-223-1700 isn’t. I’ve looked all over. 🙁

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