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Swallowing problems

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About my condition. I have some questions but I don’t know who to ask. can someone help me?

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@frankh21 – Welcome to Connect! We are a group with a lot of personal experience in a variety of conditions. We will most likely be able to point you in the right direction.
Can you tell us what is bothering you? How long and any treatments, tests or medications?
Looking forward to hear from you !

Hello @frankh21,

I would like to add my welcome to Connect as well. As @astaingegerdm said in her post, could you give us a bit more detail about the swallowing and digestive problems you are experiencing? For example, have you seen a doctor, and if so, do you have a diagnosis? What types of diagnostic tests have been done so far? Hope to hear from you soon!


Welcome to Mayo Connect. Many of us at Connect have swallowing and digestive issues. .. me being one. Tell us what is going on and ask your questions. We will do our best to help you. Bear in mind we are not doctors.. just people sharing and learning from each other. We hold a lot of information amongst us.


Well I’m actually 19 years old and I’m an active guy pretty healthy but I had anxiety when I was younger like 14-15 but that went away keep in mind beside my anxiety I am not a complainer at all anyways I told my doctor hey I’m having an issue swallowing food she said it’s anxiety I said oh I mean I’ll let it go fast forward two years and me being 19 now I’ve been having more difficulties swallowing now and a feeling that a lump in my throat so I went to the doctor and he recommended an upper scope procedure that I’m scheduled for next month. He thinks it esophogitis some name like that, that he thinks since I had asthma in past it could mean I have this now and he said if that’s what he sees in the procedure he’ll send a balloon down there to open up my esophagus he didn’t make it seem like a big deal. What I’m also thinking is ever since I was young I had terrible gas and I was just so used to passing gas like every minute my whole life I’m wondering what that can be from too? Just wanted to know what people thought about this and also I have more questions about my procedure as well.