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<p>I posted some weeks ago about my being unable to pee at night; your advice was to get a second opinion which takes place 30th September. Meanwhile however, things became worse and I had to have a supra catheter inserted on 3rd September. I was expecting some discomfort but this is impossible to live with - my bladder feels as thought it's always full and according to Google, this is normal! How can one live like that? I've been put on Vesicare and Betmiga together but they aren't working as a result of which I'm tearing my hair out. Has anyone else out there experiences the same problem?</p><p>Alderton</p>

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@alderton How terrible! I’ve never heard of this before. Please keep us posted. I’m curious to see if there are others that have to deal with this as well. Sending loving thoughts your way.

I’ve had Supra pubic in for couple months now & really haven’t had much problem you may be experiencing a spastic bladder which I’ve dealt with they gave me oxybutynin which helps. I had bladder neck constrictive surgery month ago & been dealing with 2 caths which are suppose to come out Friday. Good luck hope things get better

I have not, however it appears your kidneys may be the culprit. You may want to see a nephrologist

I'm writing to reassure the males among us who live in trepidation of having to wear a supra pubic catheter that the experience is
not as bad as it sounds. I don't claim that it's fun and it also involves making many adjustments to moving around, sleeping arrangements, showering, taking bathroom breaks in public bathrooms etc. However during my annus horribilis 7 years ago when I had my four Mayo surgeries for urological issues, I had the same fears and misgivings as most men when I found out I had to wear a catheter. I discovered, that I learned to adjust to the device pretty quickly. I also learned to plan ahead when eating in restaurants, to find out where the public bathrooms are, etc. Luckily I had a supportive family in the Twin Cities who could drive me around to Mayo appointments and doctor's visits. And I was also very glad when the catheter was removed.