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Is it safe to fly with a brain tumor?

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I am in my 50’s and a type 2 diabetic.For the past few years there have been autoimmune symptoms that remain undiagnosed. Then in May I began to have double vision. We finally have an appointment with Mayo Clinic next week. The diagnosis at this point is a tumor within the first of the cavernous sinus. It is causing problems with cranial nerves 5 and 6. The pain level today is pretty bad and I love in the middle of Momtana. I know that the vibration of the car will be rough but I worry about the pressure changes of flying. Any input would be appreciated.

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Hi @pejiota4jack, welcome to Connect. I glad to hear that you were able to get an appointment at Mayo Clinic. I can understand your apprehension about flying and cabin pressure if the tumor is causing problems with the cranial nerves and your pain level is high. I'm tagging fellow members, @kmart @mrector @lisakuehl @nancye3 @frit5 @ees1 @pegorr, who I believe may have traveled far for treatment and possibly flown. I hope they can share their experiences.

More specifically, I hope to hear from @jrt26 @julieannarcand and @ees1, who have written about their experiences with cavernous sinus meningioma here:
– Cavernous sinus meningioma https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/cavernous-sinus-meningioma/

Jack, have you talked to your local doctor or the neurology department at Mayo to ask about travel and things they recommend to make flying comfortable?

Hi, While I didn't fly for my gamma knife and my cyberknife treatments, drove from Montana to Seattle,Washington, I have flown with head pain since. I find that if I put on my Bose noise cancelling, over the ear head phones it keeps the pressure down and the pain minimal. I hope this helps, but maybe someone else will have a better idea. Wishing you all the best. peg p.s. flying in October with 3 remaining tumors.

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