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I had blood work 4months ago and then just this past week. My CA 27.29 jumped 10 points in that time and is now out of the normal range...49. I had surgery in April and radiation in July of 2018. I have been taking anastrozole since last May. Has anyone else had this experience? Of course I am afraid. Can stress affect tumor marker readings? My doctor is sending me for a CT scan. Is this a “normal” occurrence?

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From what I understand..........tumor markers via blood are one way doctors can see how well treatment is going or whether there is 'cancer' circulating in the blood. I have read though that it can have both false and positive results that are NOT the result of cancer, so getting a CT and following up is the best option. If you read up on this or talk with your doctors they will tell you it can be a sign of cancer or returning cancer but can also be other things.

I am 13 years out from stage 1 invasive BC with no lyphnode involvement. I had double mast. My CA 27.29 has constantly stayed between 11-13. Last July it was 15 and this July tested at 22. I know that the threshold is 38. I am concerned with the rise. Does anyone have advise they would share? Thank you