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Hyponatremia: Anyone else have low sodium?

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I was diagnosed with Hyponatremia about 7 years ago and have worked hard to get my level up to normal but haven’t been successful. When I was diagnosed with Hypertension I started cutting down on salt and that seems to have been part of the problem. I now eat lots of salty foods, take salt tablets and drink electrolyte drinks but my sodium and Chloride levels are still low. I was tested for Addison’s disease but that wasn’t the problem. I know some medications can cause the sodium level to be low but wondering if any one on this sight has Hyponatremia and has a diagnosis for the cause. Also suggestions about how to raise the level. Thanks

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Hello, @kibwezi, and thanks for posting. That sounds frustrating working so hard to get your levels up and not seeing that happen as you’d hoped.

I’d love to introduce you to some other members who have talked about hyponatremia, like @v1crew, @larrymay, @torino1qm and @bonnieh. @dawn_giacabazi, @hopeful33250 and @kdubois, a few of our volunteer mentors in the Connect community, have a lot of experience with endocrine issues, and I believe you’d enjoy meeting them here on this thread, as well.

How have you been feeling?

Hello @kibwezi and welcome to Mayo Connect,

I can certainly understand your concern regarding this disorder. I found a description of Hyponatremia on Mayo’s website. it provides information about the symptoms, causes, etc. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hyponatremia/basics/definition/con-20031445. As you read this informative article you will see that there are many causes, including certain medications. As you have had this for 7 years now, I’m sure that you and your doctor have looked at many of these causes.

After 7 years, I would certainly consider a second opinion from an endocrinologist and perhaps one from a major medical center or research hospital.

Have you seen an endocrinologist about this or are you just seeing your primary care doctor?

We look forward to getting to know you better.


I did read that website that you mentioned when I was first diagnosed but I just reread it. Thanks. I have only discussed this with my PCP and my rheumatologists. I do also have hypothyroidism so I have been considering an endocrinologist. I have been dealing with several other health issues that have been more urgent lately so trying to work through those first.

Hi, @kibwezi — you mentioned that you were trying to deal with several other health issues first that were more urgent than the hyponatremia.

If you feel comfortable sharing about any of those, we’d be happy to dialogue with you and support you in those, as well.

Thank you for your concern. I am blessed to have lots of family, friend and church support. I also live in an area with good doctors and hospitals. I have many health issues and I have been in some of the other discussions on this site. I do have a support group for Sjogren’s Syndrome. One of my immediate concerns has been A fib and I’m on another discussion for that. I have some undiagnosed problems and have a doctor who has been working with me to solve the mystery. This is a good site for learning new facts and resources.

Happy to hear that you have such a strong support system, @kibwezi, and that you have a doctor working alongside you to solve the mystery of some undiagnosed problems.

Also glad to hear that you’ve found the discussions on this site useful and that you’ve learned some new facts and found some new resources from Mayo Clinic Connect.

Thank you for adding valuable information to the discussions about Afib and Sjogren’s and offering support to others.
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