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Getting off of suboxone

Mental Health | Last Active: Dec 8, 2022 | Replies (17)

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I've been taking opioids for several years and have hit a wall and don't get pain relief at my current dose. Pain doc wants me to try suboxone or subtex. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Yes, I'm not sure what thread this is on, but there's a discussion already going on about it. I don't know how to put the two together. Suboxone is used to get off opiate medication, but it is in the same class I guess, as opiates. They just trade one for the other and then want you to taper down on the Suboxone. Stay on it you can get just as addicted. Also I don't remember the details but you cannot take regular pain medication, opiates, with Suboxone. It somehow blocks their effects. If you were to need opiates for serious pain in an accident you're kind of luck.

Suboxone has never given me pain relief. Was given it for opioid withdrawal I take a third of a 2mg every other day. No matter what I can’t go below. The restless leg syndrome is unbearable
A good friend of mine who worked for SAMHSA suggested that while the world is in a tailspin and it’s helping what is the need to get off. I never crave opioids. The major issue for me other than cost (psychiatrist doesn’t accept insurance for suboxone scripts) is that my tongue is a mess from taking it sublingual