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Video Q&A about Uterine Fibroids March 29, 2017 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET

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Over 12 years ago I decided to try something, because I was experiencing heavy bleeding. In December of 2005 I started to take ground flax meal I would go through 16 ounces a week. I tried it because I knew flaxseeds are a protease inhibiter. In a few weeks my period which seemed to last for 2 weeks every 2 weeks started to decrease after about 6 months it was normal then about 7 months later it didn’t come at all. I didn’t experience menopause, i know what the simptoms of menopause feel like, since I was on Lupron. No my period simply ended. It was just as before I started my period. The thing is my fibroids haven’t shrunk. I’d like to know if my fibroids have calcified? If so what can I expect? Why doesn’t anyone mention this as a possibility? Why can’t research be done to find out if there is something that can digest fibrin, which is what fibroids are composed of, and injected directly into the fibroids? Digestive enzymes, proteolytic enzymes, something organic and natural? Why in the proceedure to shrink the fibroids, I don’t recall the name of the proceedure, beads are injected into the blood vessels, artery embolization I think is the proceedure, is artificial material used. Why not use something not foreign, and permanent, but natural that can safely be absorbed by the body, and redone as necessary, giving the fibroids a chance to shrink? What research is being done? All I see are the same things being done, nothing new or innovative. Right now I suffer from constant never ending back pain, my clothing doesn’t fit, and i’m embarassed by my appearance.

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Hi, @kurgle. Dr. Stewart provided this response to your question: “Unfortunately, there is no research being done on any enzymes or enzyme inhibitors for fibroids. I think this is something that would be very helpful to women. I’d recommend that you see your health care provider to check an ultrasound and your hormones to see what’s happening. That’s an important first step since sometimes it’s not the fibroids that are the problem.”

Hello Dr. Stewart:I don't have a doctor that I can see. I have only medicaid and medicaid won't pay pay for alternative treatments. If there are any clinical trials I'd like to be kept in mind. I don't suppose that you will. There was one other thing. Why hasn't anyone thought of using nano technology, very small instruments to break down the fibroids and such them out, as you would using liposuction?

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