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@lacy2 Yes I'd want anything else but to lose my sight A friend has low vision due to M D She also has dialysis 3timrs a week. We use to do alot together now nothing .Have you seen a neurologist for your numbing? Wonder if the dental extractions have anything to do with it? Take care hope your day goes better

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@lioness Agree. Sorry about your friend. And dialysis on top of it…. . One of my ex therapists Mum low vision. and through my job with Seniors met quite a few…truly horrible. Even glaucoma and floaters and tiny spinning light from laser I have , will not complain when think of MD. And not so much complaining about all the other things but its an outllet to talk about things on this site isnt it? My husband has heard enough and my 2 adult girls… frustrated as they dont know what to say any more. Yes lioness been waiting quite a few months but neurologist doing a computer appointment Tuesday… Ihave a file of notes and stuff to tell him about since his phone call Sept 1 but now the notes seem confusing… my husband said: just tll him in two minutes what's wrong! Bad day today again but I "do" realize it is not as bad as many others are having, thats where the guilt comes in and say to myself, remove myself and let everyone else in the family stop having to listen to me! You are very kind and best wishes, J.

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