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@lacy2 Yes I have Glucoma so am on Latanoprest and Macular Degeneration both .The drops for zM.D Restasis made my eyes burn so went of them The AREDS I use have a formula in them for dry eyes.Its called Optify Eye health ATEDS2 FORMULA I have 2back fractures,loads of back problems , fibromyalgia, now severe pain in hip/ thigh area ,hope it isn't a hip problem ,go to Neurosurgeon this Monday. Like you with your depression I try not to think about my problems but some days I just want to stay in bed

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@lioness Oh I hadnt realized you also have M.D. Eye issues are frightening arent they?
Except for dentist x 2 last week i did come to bed, lying on top. but last 2 days under the covers! Cant have friendly visitors during Covid… one daughter in Toronto for 2 weeks other is home but finds my illnesses hard to handle and a bit upset I am not on anti depressant; although am on Clonazapem. This numbness in face and around eye and ear prob. from dental but knowing the sources isnt helping…
I feel at the end of my rope but felt like this before… so hopefully will feel better soon: the physical affects my mental so easily and I have been through this before, just like layers on an onion…. but onions make us cry right? We don't have a neurosurgeon here… have yu seen one before? Hope its better news from him… ibs acting up too which puts icing on cake! Thanks for notes. J.

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