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…me too. Had dry eyes 20 years and diagnosed with narrow angle glaucoma 2018 not sure how long I had it tho. I have tried, I think, every dry eye drop they have on the shelf and switched to the ones with no preservative…. unfortunately more expensive. I bought a mask that you opened andput little pads in that warmed themselves up, but at the time asked Specialist and he said No… with narrow angles not to put pressure on eyes that held mask on! Different types of glaucoma I found out… so had laser surgery Iridotomy last March which makes tiny holes in eyes to relieve pressure in eyes but still not sure status as Specialist 4 hours away and local one is 12 month wait… Optometrist got fed up with me I think and passed me onto his partner for eyesight tests. Now one of my adult daughters has dry eyes and job is on computer all day… I made a list of the drops I have tried and whether or not liked them as some make eyes almost sticky; and she is trying: right now am using Hylo bought here made in Germany, very expensive but last 6 months…no preservative… but hard to instil without poking my eye! lioness what are ared.s? So many more people seem to have dry eyes these days!

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EASE Dr put me on this for Macular Degeneration I found through my own investigation that eye drops that have vitamins in them worked better for me .I had drops from India that I liked but need to order more also I found a product ,pill, you take twice a day for dry eyes it's vitamins for this purpose.For days now I haven't had to use drops.