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All those CDC guidance are a little bit of CYA, because they don't know yet for sure, and don't trust the pretty clear information obtained from Israel, because it was not generated in the US.
The precautions are mostly because they don't know yet if fully vaccinated persons can still carry the virus and pass it on to other people. The Israeli data indicates that this seems not to be the case.

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It is known that a fully vaccinated person can actually become infected with the virus.

My daughter, a school nurse, had to inform 2 of her fully-vaccinated staff members that they tested positive last week, but as far as she knows, their illness is not severe. My other daughter, and ER and tele-health nurse for a major medical center has had fully-vaccinated colleagues test positive, but again not get seriously ill. This was after their second dose, but she did not know how much time had elapsed.

I assume that if one tests positive with either saliva or nasal swab tests, one is shedding enough virus to infect someone else. For that reason, we are taking precautions until further notice.

@lindes– Hello. I can understand your cynicism after the year that we have had. Israel has issued "green passes" to people who have been fully vaccinated. They according to critics of this it's too soon. Green passes can be obtained about 8 days after the last vaccination. The vaccinations do not lick in until 12 or more days.
It's interesting how other countries work and Israel is a very forward-thinking country but we live in America and our guidelines might be stricter but we are safer.

It is already known that people who have been vaccinated can carry and spread COVID-19. And if you have had it you can get it again, however not as bad.
You are also right that there is probably some CYA but since this new transparent administration information has been pretty forthcoming.

I hope that you will think again about what to consider is safe for yourself and others. We at Mayo Connect rely heavily on science-based information. I think that the CDC guidelines are prudent and safe. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

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