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Hello - This page's purpose is to share information for patients who are seeking weight loss, but generally speaking, we would encourage increasing your calorie intake through healthy fats, small frequent meals and snacks, and nutrient-rich calorie-containing beverages.

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@taraschmidt, Yes, these are the recommendations given by both doc and dietitian. While following these, I've managed to regain no more than 6 lbs. At 77 yrs, small boned, 5'8" with a stable wt of 125-128 nearly all of my adult life, my severe wt loss and bmd remain a serious concern..

My doc prescribed Megestrol as an appetite enhancement. It helped initially but lost its luster over time. Multiple labs and scans have shown no medical cause for the wt loss. With stage 3 CKD, I have to be careful with diet but prepare high caloric meals; eat frequently with healthy snacks, drink smoothies and exercise by walks and light wt bearing exercises for balance and to promote good bone health.

I would urge Mayo Clinic to devote more time, study and reporting of the impact of unintended wt loss for patients. My own pcp joked early on that she wished she "had my problem". I find this consensus all too often and it does nothing to address the health issues related to being too underweight for the thousands of us dealing with this issue. Mayo is at the forefront of such wonderful research and chronic health issue treatment and care. Please send this "up the line" for more consideration. Thank you.