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@becsbuddy @joeykeillor. Thank you for the advice. I only have one grandchild, two and a half years old. I find it hard to offer some advice on parenting. I can talk to my son very honestly but find it more difficult with my daughter in law. I grew up in a structured family… My parents had 9 kids… It's the only way to go. I understand it's not my duty to parent my grandson, he's a very smart and sweet boy. How can I offer some gentle guidance without sounding like I'm interfering, or shall I just bite my tongue? I only want what's best for the child.

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@mayofeb2020 At 2 1/2 kids are so cute and a handful! When my grandson lived near, I babysat him 1 day a week and just loved it! It was a good time to help him learn his P’s and Q’s and brush up on manners. Then he was able to come for sleepovers. Then his sister came along and I got to watch her 1 day a week until I got very sick. Then they moved to the center of the state—5 hours away! 😞
I’ve really learned that the most important thing is that I be a good, older friend. They’ll pick up lots from just watching me. If I correct them too much, we won’t have fun anymore. They love it when we come because we bring art projects and science projects (from what we find in the kitchen!)
@mayofeb2020. Just have fun!