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My friend has had hers in place for 2 years & has had little relief.she said she wishes she knew she wasn’t going to get any relief from it or she never would have had it implanted. I wish I had known that the Epidurals were useless. I had absolutely no relief at all. What a total waste of money! The Tens device gives me temporary pain relief. The only thing that works for me is opioids.Percocet works for me! L4 & L5 are herniated and extremely painful. Lately I’m in intense pain when I walk. NSAIDs provide no relief at all. Lately I’ve had a bit of luck with CBD Gummies.

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I read your post when I just woke up. I know it is discouraging not to find a remedy. I have been "sick" for ten years now and it is considerably worse… high back, feet, legs, ankles, arms.. everywhere. My doctor wants me to get off opoids, but there is nothing else for me to relieve the pain, esp. since I am on blood thinners. The specialist is testing everything, but I've been down that route before. What concerns me is the my husband broke his back 20 years ago after a car accident and they didn't even know he broke it as he was hurt everywhere.
Now after 18 years on 2 vicodin a day, he is losing his hearing, ended up losing his kidneys (lucky he got a kidney transplant), was impotent for awhile, but I worry about both of us being on this heavy drug. But he is not in pain if he takes two in the morning. I have to take one in the morning, one at noon, and one at night. Sometimes that's not enough. You are right abou tthe TENS unit too. Very discouraged today. CBD didn't even help.

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