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@ees1 You're absolutely right that these tips have to be adapted for the current COVID-19 environment. I look forward to a time when we can go out and get a massage and mingle with people in a café. For now, we have to adapt those practices and still get the benefit of "Pamper yourself" and "Feel socially connected".

How might we do that in these times of social distancing and increasing social isolation?

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Canceling my massage was a bummer since it's one of my big health promoting activities. But, so be it. Find some inspiring yoga utube, and other good instructors helping us with body movement. I have a body builder niece who is rather upset that the health clubs have closed, fortunately, the apartment building has machines. You just have to adapt.

I have a vibrating pad on my rocking chair I keep so busy, reading the bible, Luck12:22 is my favorite right now. The older the Bible the better, because you have to think. I like KJV the best For socializing, I text my daughter's everyday I want to get all of my parenting in while I can I paid for a search website and now keep in touch with my oldest and dearest friend I wrote letters to anyone that I felt that I still had unsettled conflict with, for closure I also text many friends thru-out my whole life I found a lot of them on facebook. And, in Michigaan, spring is coming. So, my re-hab has ended because of COVID-19 which was my main social activity, I'm going for a walk I hope that this helps. I have to mention Netflix, movies take me away for a little bit terrena

I made a decision to try and contact my friends via message or email with news , joke, gossip, or just a funny GIF everyday,; rotating my contacts.