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“Get a massage”. “Spend time with people” ?? Outdated info.

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@ees1 You're absolutely right that these tips have to be adapted for the current COVID-19 environment. I look forward to a time when we can go out and get a massage and mingle with people in a café. For now, we have to adapt those practices and still get the benefit of "Pamper yourself" and "Feel socially connected".

How might we do that in these times of social distancing and increasing social isolation?

It is certainly difficult to do these things in the conventional ways right now. It's also frustrating to know that we need some of these things for our body and spirit in rough times. For massage, if you are self-isolating with a family member, be sure to take care of each other with simple back and shoulder assistance that can help to relax. If you are alone, there are many resources online to help you with self-massage techniques to loosen those tight muscles and relieve anxiety. For spending time with people, set up phone call times, and if you have smartphone capabilities to do so, set up face time talks with your friends and family. We hope you stay safe and healthy.