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@sueinmn You may not be a whiz in languages but you far exceed me. We have gone to France once and to Italy two times and I really am bad. I did have French in school but it was pretty much forgotten. My husband didn't think of himself as knowing Italian despite the fact that his father was from Italy and his parents spoke Italian to each other. They always spoke English to my husband and his brother. We got to Italy though and it all came back to him in a few days and he was speaking fluently with people there. Despite the fact that my daughter and I are very much alike, that's definitely a talent she got from him.

Chaco Canyon sounds fascinating. I think I would love that but it would not be something my husband would enjoy. Our traveling days are winding down now too. Twenty miles over gravel roads is nothing, we have gone that far to get to wineries, and when we were in Hawaii in 2017 we did the Road to Hana which was a two hour drive over roads that were not gravel but narrow and curvy.

If your US travels bring you to New England, we are in southern NH so come and visit. 🙂

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@contentandwell JK - Thanks for the invitation - over the past few years we have really begun to enjoy connecting with people in our travels - those with whom we winter in Texas live all over Canada and the US in summer, so we often meet to see a local sight (nothing like a local guide!) and share a meal. This year our travels will take us to Austria and Switzerland on a tour hosted by friends, and possibly to Southern Arizona & New Mexico to show our favorite spots to other friends...but who knows when we may head to New England.
PS I remember that road to Hana as well from a long time ago.