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Nice to get to know you, @sueinmn. I wish I enjoyed gardening more but there are bugs out there! 😏 My husband doesn't care for it either so we just do what we can.
It sounds like you have two ideal living situations. We are here in NH, year-round, and I think that's where we will stay despite the cold and snow.

Good luck with relearning Spanish. For some reasons foreign languages elude me. My daughter is a whiz in them, actually had a job as an interpreter for a while, but my son and I are both pretty dismal.

Sounds like you have done a lot of traveling. I would love to hear where you have gone.

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@contentandwell Hi JK, I am far from a whiz at languages but spent my life in multilingual communities and found I can pick up basic conversationaal vocabulary pretty quickly. Now i am challenging myself to become literate-reading and writing as well as speaking. MUCH harder, but fun.
We have travelled widely in the US and Central Europe. For some reason this winter we have had a lot of conversations about New Mexico, so I'll tell you my favorite places to visit there.
Chaco Canyon is a fabulous remote national historic site that was occupied until about 1240ad, then suddenly vacated. Because it is remote, it has a collection of pueblo ruins unlike any other we've seen in the Southwest, and you are able to tour them up close, not from behind fences. The rangers are knowledgeable and love to share the history. The only drawback is 20 miles of poor gravel roads to get there, but so rewarding when you do. Chaco, as well as numerous other pueblos, both ruins and currently occupied settlements, are easily reached on day trips out of Gallup New Mexico. It's a fascinating way to learn the history of the first settlers in the area, and to see how Pueblo architecture is similar to construction of similar age around the world.